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Current Updates re Coronavirus

Please see recent statement from DCC

March 25, 2020


Updated information and new online application live for key worker places from March 30, 2020


March 19, 2020

A Dundee City Council spokesperson said:

“We are making progress in dealing with this unprecedented situation and we are looking at how we best use our schools to support vulnerable children, pupils completing SQA coursework and assessments and children of key workers.

“Since the announcement was made yesterday, we have moved to identify those vulnerable young people who would receive support while the schools are closed.

“The council is talking to our emergency and key services and other partners to identify the families for whom childcare would allow them to remain in their frontline critical jobs.

“We are also exploring how to best get food, or equivalent, to children who are entitled to free school meals.

“Schools are helping all pupils with work and online support to help in the continuity of their education, with many examples of creative thinking being shown by our staff.

 “We understand that school closures will have childcare implications for many families across the city, and we are making every effort with our partners to help them through this extremely challenging time.

"We are discussing the recent announcement with head teachers and trade unions and will be providing further details on Friday that will cover the arrangements for the last week of the school term.

"During the next few days we will be working with partners to finalise arrangements for the Easter break and beyond.”



March 18, 2020

Dundee City Council children and families service convener Cllr Stewart Hunter said:

“Dundee City Council has been making preparations for schools to be closed for some time and we are making sure that resources are available for children to continue their learning at home.

“While we are awaiting the full details of these closures, we are looking at a number of ways to support pupils with their education.

“Homework packs for primary pupils and online resources for secondary pupils are being made available, while we are making full use of the online Glow system.

“We will particularly be putting in place measures to support pupils who are due to sit exams, vulnerable young people and children of emergency service workers.

“We understand that this announcement will have childcare implications for many families across the city, and we are working hard to help them through this extremely challenging time.

“Further details will follow in due course.”