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School Classes and Staff

Head teacher - Mrs N. Weryk

Acting Depute Head Teacher  - Mrs S. Han


We currently have 11 classes in our school.


Class Teachers

P1 - Mrs R. Gray

P1/2 - Miss L. Glass

P2 - Miss H. Cruickshank

P3 - Mr S. Burns

P3/4 - Mrs S.Devlin

P4 - Miss R.Chalmers

P4/5 - Miss L. Edwards

P5 - Miss E. Fretwell and Mrs N McGregor

P6a - Miss S. Drummond

P6b - Mrs K. McClure

P7 - Miss P Preedy


Support for Learning 

Miss J. Smith

Mrs T. Nicholson

Mrs S.McGregor



- Mrs S.Shrimpton (P1-3)

-Mrs N.McGregor (P6b)

 - Mrs L Connor (P3/4-P7)


School and Family Development Worker

Stacey Lawson


Support Staff


Mrs R Stephen - Admin Officer

Mrs J Duke - Learning and Care Assistant

Mrs D Borthwick - Learning and Care Assistant

Miss L Golden - Primary Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs S Lynn - Primary Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs R Mirza - Primary Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs S Donnan - Primary Early Years Support Assistant 

Miss C Mitchell - Health and Wellbeing Assistant

Miss J Wight - Health and Wellbeing Assistant