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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

School opening and closing times


School starts at 9:00am and finishes at 3:15pm.

Playtime: 10:30am-10:45am




School Dinners


At lunchtime, pupils can choose to go home lunches, bring a packed lunch or have a school dinner.

School Dinners cost £2.10 per day.  This can be paid directly to school or online through Parent Pay. Children make a choice of RED, BLUE, GREEN or ORANGE lunch in the morning, in order that they can have the dinner of their choice.  Menus are updated regularly by Tayside Contracts. See the current menu here:

Free school meals are available to all pupils in Primary 1-3.

From Primary 4 onwards, free school meals are avaiable to pupils whose parents are in reciept of Income Support, Income based Job Seekers Allowance, Income related Employmeny and Support Allowance, Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, Guaranteed Pension credit, or in receipt of Child Tax Credit only and have an annual income or less than £16,010 or Working Tax Credit and Have an annual income of less than £6420. Applications forms are online at


If your child has any allergies or dietary requirements, please contact the school directly.


School Uniform


There is an expectation for all pupils to wear the correct school uniform. This helps us in our aim of encouraging children to take a pride in their appearance and to have respect for their school.

The uniform consists of:

  • Black school trousers, skirt or pinafore.
  • Red jumper*, sweatshirt* or cardigan*.
  • School tie* - All pupils are gifted a school tie when starting at Camperdown. If you require another tie, these can be purchased for £5 from the school office only.
  • White shirt or polo shirt*
  • Black shoes



Gym Kit



Indoor gym shoes

Please note that football strips are not to be worn.


All items marked with a * can be ordered with the Camperdown badge from the school office. Coats, jackets and gym bags with the school badge can  also be purchased.


If you are entitled to a school clothing grant you can obtain an application form from the School Office, Dundee House or the Dundee City Council Website please see the link below:

Application forms can be submitted online - School Clothing Grant Application Form



How do I make an appointment to see my child's teacher or School Leadership Team?


If you wish to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Head Teacher or Depute Head Teacher) please contact the school office via email, telephone or in person and we will arrange a mutually agreeable time.

Should you wish to make an appointment to meet with your child's teacher you can talk to them at the end of the school day or write a note in your child's home school diary to set a mutaully agreeable time. Alternatively contact the school office who will arrange one for you.

For details of contact information please see the Contact tab at the top.


What are the nursery and school enrolment dates?


School Enrolment

For prospective P1 pupils, parents should contact staff at the appropriate local primary school between MONDAY 3 December 2018 and Monday 4 February 2019, who will tell you their arrangements for enrolment. When you enrol your child you will need to take your child’s full birth certificate and some current proof that you live permanently at your address (e.g. Utility Bills, Tenancy Agreements, Mortgage Statements).

For anyone enrolling after Monday 04 February 2019, applications should be made at Dundee House.

Information for P1 Enrolment can be found here.


If you wish to apply for a school place, whether you are moving into Dundee or moving between two Dundee schools, you are required to complete a placing request form. To do this, you should go direct to the school you wish your child to attend and apply there. The child’s full birth certificate and a proof of address, in the form of a Tenancy Agreement, Council Tax book or recent (within two months) utilities account must be shown. If you are moving into the area, applications can be made 4 weeks prior to your arrival. Applications are dealt with in date order and the process may take up to 60 days.


Nursery Enrolment

A notice in the local press in February will advise parents of future Nursery pupils when to enrol their child in Nursery. Parents should then contact the office to collect an enrolment form. The child’s birth certificate and a recent proof of address, (within the last 3 months) must be produced before registration can be completed.

 Although the majority of our children start Nursery in August, children on the waiting list will be allocated a place in January or April if a space becomes available.

A nursery Enrolment form can be found by clicking here.